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      The type of windows you choose for your commercial building can make a huge difference in your energy bills. If your commercial properties have glass windows, then the type of window glazing you choose can also have an impact on your bills.

      If you’re not sure about what window glazing is and which type of glazing would work best for your building, this article can help you. It explains various cost-effective window glazing techniques. Keep reading to know more!

      What Is Window Glazing?

      Glazing in the fenestration industry is the part of a window made of glass that distinguishes it from the window’s frame or profile. Clear and tinted float glass, laminated glass, coated glass, and tempered glass are the types of glazing commonly used in building applications. These glasses are usually offered in single or double glazing.

      Window Safety Glazing

      Irrespective of the security measures you undertake to safeguard your commercial property, you can still face theft and burglary. Double or triple glazing safety glass can ensure that it isn’t easy for trespassers to break into your property and commit acts of theft and vandalism.

      Double and triple glazing safety glass can also ensure fewer injuries on the job. If a person accidentally stumbles into a window, they won’t be easily hurt. The glass is sturdy enough to not break under sudden pressure.

      Invest in window glazing instead of spending on extensive security measures to prevent theft or to compensate for any accidents.

      Noise Reduction

      Using acoustic insulation on your windows means thicker window frames that can substantially muffle external noise. If your commercial building is located in a busy part of town, consider getting noise reduction glazing.

      Reduced external noise means lesser disturbances within the office. Your employees can focus better and produce more efficient results. Investing in noise reduction can ensure that productivity levels are always up and that everyday business activities aren’t impacted.

      Solar Glazing

      Using solar control glass on your windows can ensure that indoor temperatures do not become unbearable. These glass panes have a reflective coating or a colored, absorbent layer that can help regulate your building’s temperature.

      Solar glazing ensures that your windows reflect radiation and filter out any harsh, glaring light, which can be challenging to work under. You can also considerably save on cooling costs and may have to invest in lesser air conditioners or coolers to keep your interiors cool. The heat is absorbed by the solar glazing in your windows, so your temperatures indoors aren’t drastically affected.


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