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      Although choosing the correct window glaze is important, the most crucial part is selecting the best architectural metals for your building’s exigencies. There are a few different types of metals to choose from (steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.) – all of which play different performative roles


      Factors to Consider When Selecting Architectural Metals

      Architectural metals can form a good framework for several design elements, including facades, storefronts, and NanaWall doors. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting architectural metals for your building:

      1.   Thermal Performance

      In order for a building to be energy-efficient, the selection of architectural metals and thermal break is imperative to the window’s structure. The chosen metal and the thermal break provide sufficient insulation to prevent thermal loss or gain. For example, steel has excellent thermal conductivity and is popular for large-scale glazing and framework needs. While, the size of the thermal break within the metal controls the climate that is being brought into the building itself.

      2.   Structural Stability

      The metal framing used for glazing and NanaWalls must withstand the weight of glass panels. It must also resist various environmental factors like wind, seismic activity, and thermal expansion. In other words, the more durable the architectural metal is, like steel or aluminum, the safer the building and its occupants will be.

      3.   Weather Resistance

      Depending on the surrounding environment of the building, the architectural metals must withstand its environmental conditions. For example, extreme temperatures, precipitation, and UV radiation can all contribute to the rust and deterioration of the framing system. In fact, choosing metals with high resistance to wear and tear is essential, particularly if the building is in a harsh weather environment or experiences frequent weather changes. Weather-resistant metals would also help components with intricate mechanisms, like NanaWalls, to last longer.

      4.   Cost

      The cost of purchasing and fabricating an architectural metal plays a significant role in its use. For instance, architects avoid using materials like bronze and titanium for large-scale projects because they are more likely to mold. They would also factor the long-term maintenance and installation into the decision-making process to ensure higher investment returns.

      5.   Aesthetics

      The color and finish of architectural metals need to fit the overall design scheme. For example, ark-colored metals are generally favored for contemporary buildings, while more traditional buildings may use lighter-colored metals. In short, architects must consider how each metal coincides with the building’s interior and exterior. It’s also imperative to check if the metal they use for glazing and facades do not fade or peel because of environmental factors.


      Modern residential and commercial buildings must combine beauty with functionality, so architectural metals play a critical role. A reliable partner can help you select the appropriate metal for glazing, fabrication, and NanaWall installation. You can rely on USGA Inc. if you need help with your next project. Our team has years of experience offering innovative and affordable glazing solutions for all types of buildings. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!