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      Distinguishing between a standard and luxury residential apartment primarily relies on the essence of the upgrades they present. A luxury residential apartment gets constructed to keep several design options and modifications in mind. From the bathroom design to kitchen furniture and living room set up to window configurations, a conventional home typically has little to present in terms of exotic designs and innovative solutions.

      In addition, when speaking of windows, they can considerably transform the look of a residential apartment inside-out! Large—like the floor-to-ceiling type—windows can make it look more plush, and luxurious. From extending up areas to offering ample natural sunlight and more expansive vistas, these are some distinctive attributes of windows in a luxury residential apartment. These attributes are further accentuated with high-grade window glazing solutions that beautify your windows and make them more power-efficient.

      What Are Some Prominent Window Glazing Solutions for Luxury Residential Apartments?

      So you wish to upgrade the windows of your luxury apartment for enhanced privacy, better insulation, and a stunning aesthetic? If so, then window glazing can be the perfect option. Here are some prominent window glazing solutions for luxury residential apartments.

      Frosted or Misted Glass

      Misted or frosted glass offers higher security, better solitude, and a stunning look to your luxurious residential apartment. It is because it highlights small bumps that diffuse light beams and hidden objects behind the glass.

      Nevertheless, frosted or misted glass lets generous natural yet soothing light enter your place. In addition, the effect of the mist is made by blasting every window pane with increased velocity during the manufacturing process by pouring a unique material straight onto the window.

      Noise-Control and Fire-Protection Glass

      Noise-control and fire protection glass offer similar attributes to double-glazing. Nevertheless, they feature extra materials between the windowpanes to provide their advantages.

      Moreover, fire-protection glass operates by intertwining a unique, hard resin coating between the window panes, improving its shattering point to over 800°C. On the other hand, the noise-control glass comes with a coating of acoustic-dampening plastic material, which controls oscillations and soaks sound waves.

      Low-Emissivity Glass

      The primary attribute of low-emissivity glass is that it rebounds higher heat than standard glass, given its light coating of metal, which reflects the sun’s rays. Thus, it is an ideal window glazing option if you wish to maintain your apartment’s interior temperature at an optimal level.

      Apart from this benefit, there are two kinds of low-emissivity glazing options available in the market: solar control and passive. While passive glazing retains heat during winter, solar control assists in keeping humidity and heat out during summer.

      Self-Cleaning Glass

      Just the term ‘self-cleaning glass’ sound fascinating, doesn’t it? These self-cleaning glasses have become a reality, all thanks to titanium dioxide.

      When this substance is applied to the glass as a glazing material, it reacts to the sun’s UV (Ultraviolet) rays by converting water molecules into hydroxyl radicals to oxidize organic substances. In simpler terms, it uses sun rays to remove dirt and dust, which are then cleaned by rainwater.


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