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      Doors are an essential part of space management solutions. They serve different functions in various types of commercial buildings. For example, in offices, they help create rooms for group meetings and conferences. In religious buildings, they define spaces for prayer or meditation.

      As we begin to increasingly appreciate the outdoors, we strive to make indoor spaces as well-lit as possible, regardless of whether these are spaces designed for work or recreation. Technological advances have made it possible to have not only transparent windows that let the natural light in but also operable glass doors. At USGA Inc., we are the expert installers of Nana walls.

      Read on to learn more about this comprehensive design solution!

      What Are Nana Walls?

      Operable glass doors are an innovative solution defined as a moving glass wall system. Nana walls come in different types: folding or sliding, inswing or outswing. We specialize in installing folding Nana walls. Yet, it wouldn’t hurt to give you a brief overview of the differences between the different types, would it?

      Both folding and sliding glass doors consist of panels that run along a single track, yet the main difference between the two types is that the former folds unto itself when the barrier between spaces needs to be removed.

      Inswing and outswing types differ in terms of the direction in which the panels fold.

      Benefits of Nana Walls

      When it comes to folding glass doors, there are plenty of reasons why your commercial building would benefit from this design solution:

      Enhanced Well-Being

      You are probably well aware that natural light enhances the mood and boosts productivity. This fact is well-supported by numerous studies. Nana walls are a great way to facilitate an increased flow of sunlight into your space.

      Seamless Traffic Flow Accommodation

      Some buildings, such as schools, religious buildings, and gyms, may greatly benefit from operable glass walls. For example, in schools, it might be beneficial to have spaces that can shift between smaller rooms and larger spaces to accommodate group activities or big events when students’ parents and relatives arrive to celebrate special occasions with kids. Similarly, spaces that can transform into private ones for prayer or inclusive ones for community activities are highly valuable in religious buildings. Folding glass doors can also facilitate the transitions between group sessions and one-on-one workouts with personal trainers in gyms.

      Increased Openness

      As modern companies are increasingly incorporating the values of trustworthiness into their brand promises, transparent offices help represent their commitment to workplace transparency. Nana walls are a perfect solution for companies that want to make sure their employees and clients feel included and valued. If you are a business owner who embraces openness and inclusivity, you should consider installing glass walls in your office to help manifest your core beliefs.


      USGA Inc. is a NACC-certified glazing solutions provider for all kinds of glass and aluminum glazing projects in the Bay Area. We can help you install Nana walls in your commercial space for increased productivity, flexibility, and inclusivity. Contact us today!